Rules of WAR




1.1: Unit Tags:

You must be prepared to wear "WAR'' tags in a 'squad situation' on the field.

1.2: Recruitment Forms:
You must complete and submit a WAR Recruitment form containing your login name, valid Email address where we may contact you for correspondence regarding changes in command, troop movements, upcoming events, updated resources, disciplinary matters, etc.

1.3: Communication is essential to WAR:
If you have a private email address please register a new hotmail/yahoo account. This email will be posted on the site as well as distributed through out the WAR membership.
ALSO YOU MUST HAVE DOWNLOADED TEAMSPEAK2 (TS2) for voice communication purposes.

1.4: HAVE FUN:
First and foremost, have fun. If your not having fun, why do it. We are all together because we are into working as a team for a common goal. Make the most of it, but please follow the rules. Also remember everyone else's goal is to have fun as well, If your actions are preventing them from doing this, then you may need to rethink you behavior.




2.1:  When online as a representative of WAR, please avoid the use of excessive profanity, abusive language and other annoying activities. Actions such as these reflect on WAR as a whole.

2.2:  Do not argue, whine, pester, be a lab rat, cheat, hack or otherwise engage in activities that generally piss others off.

2.3:  Accusing people of cheating without absolute proof will not be tolerated.




3.1:  All WAR personnel are expected to have the ability to make a sound judgment on something they may see another do and that could be considered unsavory. They must be able to make a stand on the issue.

3.2:  WAR personnel will display what is right, fair and just to all encountered and will be able to properly judge actions of others and help, if possible, to make them a better overall individual in the WAR online community.

3.3:  Integrity is also the ability to recognize one's own personal standing as an individual and to be true to self and judge honestly ones own faults or outstanding points and how to best mold them, thereby bettering both self and WAR.




4.1:  At all times, respect fellow WAR personnel (which combines both BF2 AND members of the WAR MechWarrior community.)

4.2:  If at any time there is a problem with a teammate, discuss the matter respectfully in private, and never in open forum. If you cannot resolve the matter peacefully, then go to a senior WAR member to resolve it. (Please follow the Chain of Command [CoC] when Possible)

4.3:  Harassment, Flaming, Arguing, Etc. will not be tolerated by WAR members towards anyone either in open chat or private. Conduct yourself in a respectable manner at all time while you are a representative of WAR.

4.4:  If a senior WAR member makes a reasonable request of you, do what they ask. If you do not wish to follow the directive, or you have some problem with the senior officer, discuss the matter in private. Never argue with a senior officer in front of anyone else.

4.5:  Note and follow the structure of our ranks and respect our Chain of Command (CoC). When possible, take any needs or questions to your superior officer. Let your superior officer do their job before moving up the chain of command....for BF2 purposes the command structure will be reflective of members who continue to maintain the infrastructure within WAR and it's administration.

4.6:  If your superior officer is not available or does not resolve your issue, then move to the next available officer up in the chain of command. Discipline within the ranks is largely informal, and we play for fun. We're mercenaries after all, and it's only a game.




5.1:  At any time there is a problem with non-WAR members, be respectful and do not engage in verbal confrontation

5.2:  Remove yourself from the situation if necessary.

5.3:  If warranted report the incident to your senior officers, including the name and affiliation of the individuals involved, this information will be passed up the CoC. The Command Staff with deal with ALL matters pertaining to non-WAR members.




6.1:  WAR reserves the right to dismiss anyone our Command Staff regards as an individual who engages in conduct unbecoming a WAR representative.

NOTE:  The failure of an individual member of WAR to comply with the following set of rules may result in punitive action. Punishments for major rule violations include at the extreme ''removal from the WAR community".




BATTLEFIELD2 is part of the WAR online community which is primarily based around MERCENARIES MECHWARRIOR , our BF2 venture is one currently for FUN and the ability to socialize online with friends , ENJOY!