Basic Awards

ISR: 10 kills while an Engineer
ISR: 10 kills while a Sniper
ISR: 10 kills while a Medic
ISR: 5 kills while a SpecOp
ISR: 5 kills while Assault
IAR: 10 kills while Anti-tank
ISR: 10 kills while Support
ISR: 7 kills with Knife
ISR: 5 kills with a Pistol
ISR: 5 minutes in Ground Defense
(Mounted MG or TOW)
ISR: 13 Kills with any combination of C4/Claymore/AT-Mine
ISR: 40 Command Points
ISR: 5 Repair points
ISR: 5 Heal points
ISR: 5 Ammo points
ISR: 5 minutes on Air Defense
(Stinger or AA Vehicle)
IAR: 10 minutes in Armor
ISR: 10 minutes in an Airplane
ISR: 15 minutes in a Helicopter
ISR: 10 minutes in a Transport