NOTE:  The Warlord and/or the MW4 Galaxy Commander reserves the right to promote any person, at any time, to any position that they feel that individual has earned and rightfully deserves. 

Vengeance & Mercanaries

Candidate can choose to take this trial in either Vengeance or Mercenaries


ToC – Trial of Command Trial used to determine the assignment of a command billet within the ranks of WAR when more than one qualified applicant is available.

Ranks Available: None – simply a trial used to determine which of several applicants gains the open command position (Brigade Command, Company Command, etc.)



· ToC will be administered only by direction and invitation of the Warlord or Galaxy Commander.


1.      Trial Criteria:

1.1.   Trial to be administered by Warlord, Galaxy Commander a member of the Command Staff/delegate.

1.2.   Observers in a ToC will be limited to Lance Leaders or higher, and then only with permission of the Chief Evaluator. Observers will drop as camera ships only and refrain from unnecessary “chat.”

1.3.   One of these Evaluators MUST be ranked Captain or higher, AND be designated by the Command Staff as having the authority to conduct the Trial. (Chief Evaluator)

1.4.   The Candidates shall confront each other on a LOCKED, DEDICATED MW 4 Server. The WAR server should try to be used during the trial, however a third party server set up by an observer may be used if necessary. If no observer is available, then the Chief Evaluator will host or delegate the hosting duty to another Evaluator.

1.5.   Server settings

·        Game Type = Team Attrition

·        Map = Determined by Chief Evaluator

·        Time = 30 minutes

·        Number Of Lives = 3

·        Unlimited Ammunition = OFF

·        Heat Management = ON

·        Stock Mechs Only = OFF

·        Join in Progress = ON

·        Splash Damage = On - 100%

1.6.   Respawn will be allowed; both pilots involved in the Trial shall have three lives.

1.7.   The Candidates shall undertake the Trial in the Chassis and variant of his/her choice as dictated by the billet that is contested.

·        Brigade = Assault

·        Company = Heavy

·        Lance/Star = Med

1.8.   If ping time for any individual exceeds a stable 350ms another host will be used, and the trial will be restarted.

1.9.   The structure of ToC battles will be released at least 72 hours in advance. This allows for proper scheduling among those involved



2.      ToC Procedure: COLD DROP


2.1.   Prior to the drop, the Senior Evaluator will ensure that both Contestants participating in the ToC will have voice communications turned OFF for the remainder of the trial.

2.2.   Upon launching the Server, the Contestants will remain in their Spawn Points for several moments (DZ1 and DZ 2 assigned by Chief Evaluator).

2.3.   The Chief Evaluator (or host if designated by the Chief Evaluator) will then request “Ready Status” from all participants.

2.4.   Participants will respond with either “Ready” or “Not Ready - Reason”. Once all participants are confirmed “In Game – Ready” the trial will begin.

2.5.   The Chief Evaluator will give the Candidates the order “Weapons Hot – Begin Trial/Engage”

2.6.   The Candidates will immediately leave the general area of their DZ and begin the trial.

2.7.   At no time will either warrior re-enter the now “off limits” area of DZ1 or DZ2 (400m bubble around each DZ).  The candidates will be warned beforehand that any encroachment into the “off limits” area will immediately result in disqualification of that candidate.

 **Special Note: The use of the area immediately behind the DZs to the edge of the map, although technically not inside the “off limits” area, is to be   discouraged**

2.8.   When a Candidate is defeated, he/she will respawn and hold at the spawn. At the same time the Chief Evaluator will call “Weapons Cold” and command the victorious Candidate to begin a return towards their home DZ. The Chief Evaluator may or may not command a complete return to the spawn, however the assurance of at least 1000m of separation must exist between combatants prior to the re-issuance of a “cleared Hot – Engage” call.

2.9.   The trial will continue, repeating steps 2.5 through 2.8 with until a Candidate has expended all three lives.


3.      Scoring and Victory: 


3.1.  The ToC is used for commanding officer billet selection only and no Rank change is involved. Due to the fact that this trial is by invitation only, ALL participants are assumed to be capable of performing the duty and skill only will be the determining factor. 

3.2.  The victor will be determined first by # of Kills

3.3.  Only in the event of a tie in kills will combined points be taken into consideration. In that event, the combined points will become the tiebreaker with the opponent recording the most points being declared the victor.