The Rules Of WAR

NOTE: The failure of an individual member of WAR to comply with the following set of rules will result in punitive action. Punishments for rules vimay olations include but will not necessarily be limited to:

Verbal or Written warnings (Public and/or Private)

Reduction of rank (With or Without) a Trial of Grievance (ToG)

Suspension or permanent dismissal from WAR (With or Without) a Trail of Honor (ToH)

Summary Execution, your WAR_Name will permanently be banned from WAR and it's site/servers/message boards.




1.1. You must create "WAR_Name.

1.2. You must complete and submit a WAR Recruitment form containing your new WAR_Name, valid Email address where we may contact you for correspondence regarding promotions, medals, changes in command, troop movements, upcoming events, updated resources, disciplinary matters, etc.

1.3. Communication is essential to WAR, if you have a private email address please register a new hotmail/yahoo account. This email will be posted on the site as well as distributed through out the WAR membership.

1.4. You must change the Affiliation in your game options to RECRUIT  Warriors And Raiders

1.4.1. This will change to CADET  Warriors And Raiders upon completion of your Indoctrination cycle

1.4.2. This will change to  Your Rank - Your Lance once you have attained Rank within our unit.

1.4.3. Failure to follow these guidelines will be grounds for a Warning -1st Offence, dismissal from WAR - 2nd Offence

1.5. You must select Collect Stats on the option page, we use the Zone Stats to determine amount of time you spend online in WAR Uniform. We have minimum participation requirements for Active Warriors  See the Rules below

1.6. The first step to becoming a ranked warrior is completion of the Indoctrination Cycle. You will be granted the rank of Recruit and assigned to a Star

1.6.1. You will then be contacted by a member of your Star and/or Lance Command Staff and a time will be arranged to review the Rules of WAR, assist you in acquiring and installing all required maps and utilities used by WAR, Discussion on Mech design and Battle theory / tactics.

1.7. Upon Completion of the Indoctrination Cycle you will be awarded the Basic Training Ribbon and promoted to the rank of Cadet and may begin preparing for your Trial of Entrance (ToE) to set your Initial rank within WAR

1.7.1. You will train with your Star and Lance mates as much as possible

1.7.2. When you superiors feel that you are adequately prepared you will be awarded the DropShip Training Ribbon and be recommended for ToE (Trial of Entrance)

1.8. All personnel will have a Locker setup in our Crews Quarters. This is where your Rank and awards will be posted. In addition to this you may also create a Personal Biography to be included in our Stories section and linked to your Crew Locker.




2.1. HAVE FUN:
First and foremost, have fun. If your not having fun, why do it. We are all together because we are into working as a team for a common goal. Make the most of it, but please follow the rules. Also remember everyone else's goal is to have fun as well, If your actions are preventing them from doing this, then you may need to rethink you behavior.


When online as a representative of WAR, please avoid the use of excessive profanity, abusive language and other annoying activities. Actions such as these reflect on WAR as a whole. not argue, whine, pester, be a labrat, cheat, hack or otherwise engage in activities that generally piss others off. people of cheating without absolute proof will not be tolerated. and all Battletech related insults such as "Freebirth" and "Stravag" are not only permitted, but also encouraged. So feel free to throw yourself into character.


2.2.2. LOYALTY:
Members of WAR are expected to remain loyal to WAR. Never share our secrets with another unit. the rare cases where we need to spy on another team, the Command Staff will assign the member to do so. Do not take it upon yourself to spy on other units.


2.2.3. DUTY:
If you hold a rank in WAR, you are required to perform its' duties and serve as an example to those below you. Failure to do so will result in a Trial of Grievance (ToG). you do not have the time to perform those duties please do the honorable thing and step down to a non-command status in our ranks. you have sponsored a new member of WAR, make sure you assist in training and oversee that person's development properly. personnel will always place the team objective above all else.


2.2.4. HONOR:
Never display cowardice, give everything your best effort, and follow all rules of WAR. personnel are expected to choose death before dishonor, defend all charges unto the death, exercise politeness and self-restraint, honorably meet all challenges, scorn and separate from those of ignoble action and character, obey laws by those we contract to and respect all opponents of honorable bearing.


All WAR personnel are expected to have the ability to make a sound judgment on something they may see another do and that could be considered unsavory. They must be able to make a stand on the issue. personnel will display what is right, fair and just to all encountered and will be able to properly judge actions of others and help, if possible, to make them a better overall individual in the online community. is also the ability to recognize one's own personal standing as an individual and to be true to self and judge honestly ones own faults or outstanding points and how to best mold them, thereby bettering both self and WAR.


2.2.6. RESPECT:
At all times, respect fellow WAR personnel (and all members of the MechWarrior community. at any time there is a problem with a teammate, discuss the matter respectfully in private, and never in open forum. If you cannot resolve the matter peacefully, then go to a senior WAR member to resolve it. (Please follow the Chain of Command [CoC] when Possible), Flaming, Arguing, Etc. will not be tolerated by WAR members towards anyone either in open chat or private. Conduct yourself in a respectable manner at all time while you are a representative of WAR. senior members and follow orders, we are a military structure and protocol will be enforced. It is important to follow orders and show respect for those of higher rank. a senior officer makes a reasonable request of you, do what they ask. If you do not wish to follow an order, or you have some problem with the senior officer, discuss the matter in private. Never argue with a senior officer in front of anyone else. Note and follow the structure of our ranks and respect our Chain of Command (CoC). When possible, take any needs or questions to your superior officer. Let your superior officer do their job before moving up the chain of command. If your superior officer is not available or does not resolve your issue, then move to the next available officer up in the chain of command. Discipline within the ranks is largely informal, and we play for fun. We're mercenaries after all, and it's only a game.


If at any time there is a problem with non-WAR members, be respectful and do not engage in verbal confrontation

2.3.1. Remove yourself from the situation if necessary.

2.3.2. If warranted report the incident to your senior officers, including the name and affiliation of the individuals involved, this information will be passed up the CoC. The Command Staff with deal with ALL matters pertaining to non-WAR members.


All WAR personnel will train in every environment conceivable and alongside fellow WAR personnel whenever possible.

2.4.1. Pilots will have systematic and rigorous training of their mental, moral and physical powers by instruction and will exercise in the ways of WAR.

2.4.2. Pilots will display an atmosphere of original conception and independent action that would be demanded of their rank and standing in WAR.

2.4.3. We have structured our tactical organization to provide you with trainers of varied experience and expert staff members who will help by providing you hints, tips and recommendations in ways that you can become a better player.

2.4.4. We in WAR ALWAYS share the knowledge.


Every individual will have the chance to advance in rank (i.e. promotion) through a series of Trials.

2.5.1. The individual must submit a formal request via Monthly Roll Call Form to the Brigade Staff which is reviewed and submitted to Command Staff accordingly for advancement in rank.

2.5.2. The following Trials will be used for rank advancement

Trial of Entrance (ToE) Initial placement in the WAR rank structure

Trial of Position (ToP) Enlisted ranks up to Master Sergeant

Trial of Rank (ToR) Commissioned ranks up to the rank of Captain (invite only issued by Command Staff) of Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel are considered Senior Staff and are by Command Staff appointment only. Ranks (General) are considered Command staff and are by appointment of the Warlord or Galaxy Commander only.

2.5.3. Command Staff will review the results of the Trial, and if so determined and merited, a promotion will be awarded the individual effective immediately. No member will be allowed advancement past the rank of Corporal without completing a Trial of Position member will be allowed advancement past the rank of Master Sergeant without completing a Trial of Rank (ToR)

2.5.4. Also, the Senior Command Staff (Warlord / Galaxy Commander) reserve the right to promote ANY individual (i.e. battlefield promotion) on the basis of individual merit to any rank at any time without explanation.


We consider this a 31st Century Role Playing Combat Simulation based on the Battletech Universe.

2.6.1. WAR is a battle hardened mercenary legion comprised of both Inner Sphere and Clansman alike, of freelance privateers, bounty hunters, pirates and raiding marauders.

2.6.2. You are required to maintain your BattleMech files, map files and game patch / enhancement files as necessary as part of your duty to WAR.

2.6.3. The more realistic you make the game the more fun you will have playing it.


If you participate in a league, you are expected to follow that league's rules of engagement as well as the Rules of WAR.

2.7.1. Official league representatives of WAR will be held responsible for the administration, representation and conduct of their unit within the league.

2.7.2. There may be entry criteria and a ToE for League participation as deemed necessary by the Official league representatives.

2.7.3. Members of a League team will be required to participate and make scheduled training sessions as required by League Command Staff.

2.7.4. Official league representatives of WAR will additionally wield absolute control of membership in and the dismissal from their unit (but not necessarily from WAR).


All lance leaders will need to approve a recruit proposed by a member of their lance.  Company commanders observe all potential recruits in a mini-Eval prior to allowing them to fill out the recruiting form on the website.
2.8.1. Be advised we are not interested in Numbers for the sake of Numbers, but are looking for Mature, Stable individuals interested in working for the good of the Team


WAR reserves the right to dismiss anyone our Command Staff regards as an individual who engages in conduct unbecoming a WAR representative.

2.9.1. A Trial of Honor resulting in a guilty verdict will merit the summary execution of the individual, This is a permanent dismissal from WAR at which time they will stop using their WAR_Name.


A rank/weight system of combat is encouraged.

2.10.1. You are encouraged, but not required to train and game within your Rank/Weight as often as possible to gain a superior advantage of that weight class on the battlefield.

2.10.2. Experience in the smaller chassis will help you more than practice piloting Assault class ?Mechs.

2.10.3. Subsequently, some league representatives may also enforce Rank/Weight within their units for league play if they deem such action necessary or by the rules of the league.

Cadets and enlisted Ranks up to Gunnery Sergeant: will be limited to using light BattleMech's with weights not exceeding 35 tons.

Master Sergeant through Captain: will be limited to using light and medium BattleMechs with weights not exceeding 55 tons.

Major through Colonel: will be limited to using light, medium and heavy BattleMech with weights not exceeding 75 tons.

General: will be allowed to use all classes of BattleMech including the assault class with unlimited weight restrictions.


These are situations that seem to come up from time to time and are worthy of note

Although not officially condoned, it is not considered dishonorable to kill an opponent by blowing his legs off.

3.1.1. It must be considered though that hitting the legs is a more difficult target than the torso and as such is not a recommended point of aim. However if confronted by an enemy with badly damaged legs. TAKE THE SHOT!!

3.1.2. It is more dishonorable to allow a badly wounded enemy to kill YOU and thereby leaving your lancemates without the advantage of your fire support than it is to simply blow his leg off and eliminate him from the battlefield.


Enemy Mechs and/or WAR personnel downed by any means will be considered fair game.

3.2.1. The point being that WAR will exploit any means possible to dispatch (i.e. kill) the enemy during battle except for using cheats and hacks.

3.2.2. Their lag is zero at this point, take the shot, eliminate the objective and move on to the next target.


A Warrior is permitted one chance to drop from the game for the purpose of changing Mech Config or Chassis. PROVIDED:

3.3.1. That you have not Fired a shot in Battle

3.3.2. That you have not moved 20 m from your spawn point

3.3.3. That 30 seconds of game time have not elapsed from the time you dropped



3.4.1. All WAR Members in uniform should be prepared to complete any game that they decide to start. in the middle of a game is strictly prohibited. Abandoning your teammates in the heat of battle is not only dishonorable but causes tension and hard feelings among your teammates. are understandable for Real Life EMERGENCIES only. (Child Choking, house burning down Etc.)

Poor planning on your part does NOT constitute an emergency.


3.5.1. Every effort should be made to ensure teams are even prior to dropping in the game, No one likes to be on a team that is out gunned 2 to 1 or more. I understand the desire to pilot along side your teammates, but unbalancing the teams in open servers will not maintain WAR's good name among the rest of the MW 4 community. Please remember that your actions while in uniform reflect directly on the rest of our unit.


As we believe in Realism of the game we do not permit our pilots to suicide, we are a Mercenary unit and as such the all mighty dollar is our goal. Mechs cost $$$ and as such we expect our members to use them to their fullest. Also remember that suicides cost your team points. If you are out of weapons or seriously damaged, act as a decoy for your teammates or get in the enemy's face and Splash him when he kills you. You may die, but you will give your teammates a better chance of taking him out while you respawn and get back into the fight.

Suicides are permitted for CTF Runners ONLY. Due to the fact that CTF runner configs are specifically designed to be light fast and disposable. Be warned though that some Servers will automatically kick players for excessive suicides in a predetermined time period (WAR_Server for example)


The use of High Explosives is considered dishonorable and is strictly forbidden in WAR. See Suicides above


Stealing Kills From Whom?
You can't steal a kill from the enemy; they are the ones who you are killing. You can't steal kills from your team, as they are the ones who benefit from your kill. Point here is that this is a team effort. Either make the kill or someone else will do it for you. If you have worked an enemy to death and your teammate finishes him off, thank him for the assist and move on to the next bad guy.


Due to pilots who like to call "hold" in situations where it can be used to their advantage, when confronted with the "hold" request at any time, WAR personnel have been authorized to act as follows:

3.9.1. All pilots will interpret the word "hold" as a request to hold fire ONLY and WILL continue to move.

3.9.2. The "hold" request will only be valid for cessation of fire until the conditions for the "hold" request have been determined and resolved.

3.9.3. Where the "hold" request is a result of a joystick, control configuration and most definitely a weapons grouping problem, WAR pilots WILL continue to engage the enemy.

3.9.4. The rational for this is simple. It is the duty and responsibility of the afflicted party to ensure their control configuration is working properly. Other people should not be forced to wait on the pilot after having already waited for some time for the battle to even begin. WAR pilots will not ask for a "hold" on such grounds, as it can be attributed to a "fog-of-war" incident, AKA shit happens. If the control craps out, take it like a man and fix it in the game under fire. In real life you would fix it on the battlefield or you would find another way to help out your side such as acting as a diversion thereby saving lives of your lance mates. Try to make the game as realistic as possible