WAR has something special. Warlord Dayther initially established, WAR's goals, values and way of doing business. Those concepts that he instilled continue to this day. WAR's ideals of honor, justice, fair play and sportsmanship set it apart from the rest. These ideals are basic to life. Society thrives with a people dedicated to these concepts. These ideals never go out of date, they never get stale and they never die. They are the things that separate civilized peoples from those that would do harm. WAR will continue as long as its membership strictly adheres to these few basic concepts.
-Boo Ray (Former Warlord)

Cadet Required Reading and Equipment

1. Please have the WAR Sites Book marked


2. Register for WAR HPG

This is our main message board and where most of WAR communications take place.

Go to the HPG

NOTE: Please register, full access will be granted once approved by WAR Admin Staff.
If problems occur while registering please ask for assistance on MSN or post a message
in the visitor section of the forum.

 3. Mandatory Stats Collection
Please make sure your stats are turned on so your CO can track your progress and
activity level.
To do this, in the "Options' menu "Multiplayer" tab check "Track Online" with
a password you wont forget.

 4. The Rules of WAR
Go to Rules of WAR Page

5.Chain of Command
Go to organization chart


6.Maps and Required Cartography
Go to download center for maps


Teamspeak 2 RC2

For the most up to date server number and password please ask your Lance Captain

In the "Settings" tab of TeamSpeak please use "Voice Normalization" and set a key for
"Push to Talk" as it cuts down on feed back echoes and outside noise.

MSN Contact List

To install MSN Contact List

1) If you don't already have MSN messenger Download Here and install.

2) Unzip Contacts file and open your pager, in the "file" menu at the top
      select "Import contacts from saved file" find the file in your directory
     (where you unzipped it to) and select "yes" you may have to repeat process
     3 or 4 times to get all contacts (only loads 25 at a time) as we currently have
     over 50 in our membership.


8. Training Maps
WAR offers a unique, interactive training map to help improve your accuracy as well as practice all fighting styles. Bots are programmed to react to your initial hit that will activate their specific behaviors and it's just plain fun! 

( Map is only for MW 4 Vengeance usage)